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Get Fit and Stay Fit at Pro Fitness

Rhode Island’s Pro Fitness Center

Pro Fitness helps you achieve your fitness goals, without getting in the way:

Our modern fitness center has classes for every fitness level, the latest in fitness equipment, flat screen TVs to watch while you exercise, and a juice bar for refreshment afterwards.

Ask about our flexible memberships. You can even join for 3 months in the summer, or we’ll “freeze” your full-year membership while you go south in the winter.

Make goals for weight loss.

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A One-Stop Wellness Center

We’re not just one more Rhode Island gym or fitness center, where you choose fitness classes or workout programs randomly. Our personal trainers help you identify your fitness training goals and customize your fitness training. Need the slower pace of Yoga classes or aerobics classes, or the more vigorous exercise of spin classes or kickboxing classes? Need muscle toning and core strength training or a more aggressive muscle-building or weight loss program? We help you discover what you need for a healthier you.

Nourish Your Body for True Fitness

The best fitness training without good nutrition won’t make you truly fit and healthy. To help you achieve true health and wellness, our nutrition experts provide meal planning assistance, nutrition advice, and customized weight loss and diet programs. At Pro Fitness, we know that endurance training and vigorous workouts require the fuel that only healthy eating can provide. Any health facility or health club that skips an emphasis on nutrition is not truly a wellness center. Pro Fitness promotes fitness and wellness!

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